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MLS Headgaskets - VG30 VG33 - Product Image
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MLS Headgaskets - VG30 VG33

Because more power per cylinder, higher operating temperatures, and thinner head and block castings demand a modified gasket. MLS Gaskets are stronger, more forgiving, and capable of sealing despite movement between the head and block. Such motion results from: lighter, thinner aluminum head castings that are more susceptible to thermal expansion; computer controls that can dramatically increase engine output; reduced clamping force that prevents stress points and cylinder bore distortion.

MLS Technology was developed to overcome sealing challenges. The number of layers in an MLS Gasket ranges from two to five, depending on the engine's sealing characteristics. Generally, the more layers, the more motion the gasket endures. There are multiple solid layers of heat-treated stainless steel separated by a very thin rubber coating, and the layers are either active (absorbing motion between the head and block) or shim (giving the gasket its correct compressed thickness). Gaskets are sold in pairs.

Features stainless steel maintains shapeSurvives higher combustion pressureWithstands "scrubbing" between head and blockFunctions at a wider range of operating temperaturesStrategically-placed sealing beads eliminate leak paths"Stopper" layer provides superior primary combustion seal

These are built to order.
Lead time is 2-3 weeks .

Price: $345.00 
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