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MegaSquirt 3 Gold Box for Z31 - Product Image
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MegaSquirt 3 Gold Box for Z31

Introducing the Ms3 gold box standalone with pnp "drop on" harness for the vg30 engines. Harnesses are custom made to your specifications, injector, tps type. Includes vg30 trigger wheel for your stock cas unit. Ecu base mapped to run the vg30 with gm truck ignition coils as well as your injectors of choice.

Features include:  


USB, RS232 and CAN communication

-Onboard SD card for Data logging

-Uses Tuner Studio tuning software

-Self Tuning Capabilities

-VE based tuning

-Speed Density, Alpha-N and MAF based tuning

-Individual cylinder fuel and spark trim tables

-10 High Impedance injector drivers -10 logic level ignition outputs.

-Fuel pump output

-Fan output

-Stepper and PWM Idle Air Control outputs

-2 channels of nitrous control: staged or progressive

-12 volt tach output

-3 Step rev limiter

-trans brake and stage control

-multiple Traction Control strategies

-2 Wide Band Oxygen sensor inputs

-2 Knock sensor inputs

-flex fuel sensor compatible

-boost control

-water/methanol injection control

-Data Log switch

-Dual table switch

-3 additional general purpose inputs (on/off or frequency)

-1 additional analog input

-Link to MS based transmission control through CAN -RacePak compatible

-2 new VR inputs (total of 4)

-on boards Barometric pressure sensor

-real time clock

Please allow three weeks for harness construction as every setup is custom.  Can add sensors including fuel and oil pressure monitoring at additional cost (will integrate into engine harness). At this time all dash functions can be retained on any 87+ analog z31 cluster
(early and digital cluster support are still under development) 

Price: $1,600.00