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Nismo 21200-RS580 Low-Temp Thermostat  - Product Image
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Nismo 21200-RS580 Low-Temp Thermostat

Nismo Thermostats open at 62 Degrees Celcius while stock themostats open at 76.5 Degrees Celcius. This will allow your radiator to cool your engine before the temperature gets too high. Cooling running temperature will yield higher power and response. This will also extend engine life. This thermostat is great for turboed engines due to the amount of heat created by the turbos. This will extend your engine life and yield better reliability. Don't be fooled by cheap knock-offs or lower quality thermostats! Compatible with: VG30E/ET 84-95 VG33 96-04 VG30DE/DETT 90-99 RB Motors KA Motors SR Motors
Price: $80.00