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PowerTrix Road Track Coilovers - Product Image
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PowerTrix Road Track Coilovers

All New for the Nissan 300zx Z31 Coilovers line are the following upgrade of anti-corrosive zinc coated shock/dampers and PPI (Polymer Plastic Injected) Damper Dust boost for further longevity. The Z31 R/T Coilovers feature a robust grade inverted mono tube strut piston that is valved for the serious competitor and features aluminum pillow ball upper mounts to transfer more suspension energy through the strut piston shaft increasing the efficiency of the overall suspension duty. Full forged steel threaded shock bodies for independent ride height and spring preload adjustability and liner springs make the RT Coilover System an "All Business" tool for Auto crossing and Road Racing. Designed for the true performance enthusiast looking for the extra edge during track time, it is also civil enough to run on the street on a daily basis.
Price: $1,385.00 
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