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Type2 - Consult Cable  - Product Image
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Type2 - Consult Cable

Our USB Consult cable allows you to connect your computer to your Z32, S14, Q45 or other Type2 Nissans, for use with various diagnostics and tuning applications. Based on the FTDI interface, it is compatible with practically all major CONSULT-based software, such as Nissan Datascan, ConZult, ECUTalk, Nistune, and Nissan Data Voice, and it uses the standard FTDIChip drivers one would use for the BlaZt or PLMS cables. We have specifically engineered this cable to provide the most consistent, reliable connection, so it can be used with realtime tuning software like Nistune, and it has been tested across multiple Z32 ECUs and chassis, so even the fussiest cars will have no problems connecting.
Price: $65.00