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Unorthodox Racing CS1061 Lightweight Crank Pulley - VG33/Z32 - Product Image
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Unorthodox Racing CS1061 Lightweight Crank Pulley - VG33/Z32

Unorthodox Racing has finally brought a stock-sized crank pulley to the market for the 300ZX! Made from aluminum, this crank pulley is extremely lightweight (1 lb, 13 oz), but retains the dimensions of the original Nissan pulley. This means the accessories are not underdriven at all, so you still get the performance increase from a lightweight crank pulley, without decreasing performance of the alternator, power steering pump, and A/C compressor. Additionally, because the accessories are not underdriven, it is not necessary to replace the belts or the water pump pulley. Will fit any 300ZX, 90-96, NA or TT. NA and 94+ TT Zs, which use the 3-rib power steering pump pulley, will simply have one unoccupied rib on the power steering sub-pulley at the front. While the stock belts will fit this pulley, it is highly recommend to replace them while replacing the crank pulley.
Price: $249.00