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Z1 Motorsports - High Capacity Differential Cover - 350z/G35 R200 Only - Product Image
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Z1 Motorsports - High Capacity Differential Cover - 350z/G35 R200 Only

Z1 Motorsports High Capacity Differential Cover for your Nissan 350Z or Infiniti G35. Excess heat inside the differential case can lead to premature failure of every component, especially the factory viscous differential which also becomes less effective at higher temperatures. Not only does the heat damage the internal components including bearings and seals, but often times we have found the factory and aftermarket differential bushings melted. The best way to combat high temperatures inside the differential is to transfer the heat outside. This finned differential cover acts as a heat sink which allows the heat that builds up in the fluid to be transferred into the cast aluminum cover where the heat can be released through the integrated fins into the cooler ambient air rushing over them. Another good way to fight higher temperatures is to increase the amount of fluid. This cover increases fluid capacity by .5L. The additional fluid helps keep temperatures down by increasing the amount of time it takes for temperatures to rise, lessening the likelihood of overheating your differential. Overall keeping the fluid cool will help your differential function properly meaning more power transfer to the rear wheels. With racing in mind, we added extra support to the rear mounting stud with additional gusseting and more material surrounding the stud itself. We also added an extra port to this cover to accommodate a differential cooler assembly and a pre located position for a temperature sensor to control your cooler's fans. (For those that are not using a cooler we include the additional plug and sealing washer for this port.) Z1 Motorsports Aluminum Differential Covers are sealed to porosity just like OEM covers to prevent fluid seeping through the casting. Kit Includes: Z1 Motorsports High Capacity Differential Cover Vent Tube Mounting Stud Cooler Return Port Plug (Re-use your existing drain and fill plugs) 3 Drain / Fill Plug Sealing Washers 1 Tube of Ultra Grey RTV The best cover you can get when doing the subframe swap and taking on the 350z/g35 R200! This cover is only for the 350z/G35 R200. WILL NOT FIT ANY OTHER R200 Differential.
Price: $188.00