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Z32 30a Conversion Shift Bracket - Solid - Product Image
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Z32 30a Conversion Shift Bracket - Solid

Our shortened VG shifter bracket is designed for swaps where the shifter needs to be as far forward as possible. The shifter is moved forward 2-3/8" (60mm), which means if your putting a VG (Z32) trans in your 240SX or Z31 300Z, this bracket and shifter connecting rod allows you to use the stock center console and shift boot and requires no cutting of the transmission shifter tunnel. You can use a stock VG shifter with minor mods or any performance shifter although we recommend aftermarket shifters with integral pivot ball with mount base. We also include a nylon bushing not available elsewhere that you need for most performance shifters. This doesn't come with after market shifters. They assume your replacing a stock shifter, the thru bolt hole is to big if you don't have the stock parts. The bracket works with our trans adapter kit and other kits on the market as well and requires no welding of any stock components, all components in this kit are new. Kit includes: Short Shifter bracket Short connecting rod Bolting hardware for trans position Bolting hardware for shifter connecting rod
Price: $147.50